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2013-2014 Campaign
Gordon County did it again!
They Exceeded the United Way Goal! 





 The 2014 Dancing with the Stars Cast raised funds totaling $149,650.73. Concessions will be added to the total making it more than $150,000.00!
 Videos of the Third Annual Mohawk Presents Calhoun’s Dancing with the Stars are available for purchase.
Contact United Way 706-602-5548.  They should be ready in 4-6 weeks.
Pictures from the event may be viewed an/or  purchased from Sam Ratcliffe at 
The cast anxiously awaiting the results! 
 Valerie Allen and her son Tucker won the Judge’s Award with a perfect score of 10  from all 5 judges .
Renee Brown and Kevin Smith the People’s Choice Winners
$31,551.03 for Gordon County 
A new record for Mohawk Presents Calhoun’s Dancing with the Stars
After months of fund raising with several events Kevin and Renee want to thank to all their many friends, family, Gordon County businesses and organizations, The Gordon County Young Farmers and  Mohawk Industries for their support!
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