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United Way Exceeds 2020 Campaign Goal


As I reflect on this past year and the 2020 campaign season, I am reminded of just how fortunate we are to live in such a giving community. The United Way of Gordon County exceeded its 2020 campaign goal of $750,000 with a total amount of $800,500 pledged to our community. Without our donors, we would not be able to invest in programs that support, advocate, and uplift the people in Calhoun-Gordon County.

I am thankful for our philanthropic community for sharing and caring to help their neighbors, coworkers, and friends. I would like to thank our agencies for helping lead Impact Tours and for aiding at campaign presentations. I would like to thank our corporate partners and small businesses for letting United Way share our story with your employees, and I would like to thank our volunteer Board of Directors for their support and governance of our local chapter. It takes a village to implement growth and change, and I am so thankful to be a part of that village.

Your gift to United Way has the largest impact. With your donation, you do not have to choose between a hot meal for the elderly or safe after school care for youth. Your gift to United Way is impacting the entire circle of life. United Way supports 18 partner agencies who support education, basic needs, and health in Gordon County. You truly are making the greatest impact when you give to United Way. Collectively, you annually help over 60,000 people in our community -- from all walks of life.  I am often asked where the majority of our donations come from, and the answer is from you. You working in the plant to support your family; You working in the office to grow your industry; You stocking our grocery shelves, and to You who is teaching our children. Those who give through payroll deductions each week are the collective “you” who make up the bulk of our campaign, and I take so much pride in knowing that.

During the campaign, companies and individual donors all across the community joined forces to change lives in the Calhoun-Gordon County community. Thank you for helping United Way fight for the education, basic needs, and health of every person.

2020 United Way Campaign Donors
  •     AdventHealth Gordon
  •     Amelia Jordon
  •     Angela and Billy Green
  •     Apache Mills
  •     AT&T
  •     Atlanta Gas Light
  •     BB&T
  •     Bentley Dye Services
  •     Bert and Anne Vaughn
  •     Betty Beamer
  •     Bob and Carol Nance
  •     Mike, Nash, and Robert Nance
  •     Presley and Dean Hamilton
  •     Carrie, Dan and girls, Tanna, Cara, and Grace Key
  •     Erin and Al Hill III, Al IV, Nance, and Caroline Hill
  •     Bobby Harris Foundation, Inc.
  •     Brian and Jennifer Latour
  •     Calhoun City Schools
  •     Charles and Vickie Spence
  •     Cheryl Hollis
  •     City of Calhoun
  •     Craig and Elizabeth Box
  •     Crystal Boone
  •     Debra Owens
  •     Dennis and Sharon Alexander
  •     Dr. Norman and Mrs. Elissa Meadows-Garner
  •     Dr. and Mrs. Will Theus
  •     Dr. Daniel Ahn & Susan Kim
  •     Dr. Hak and Emily Lee
  •     Dr. Jodi Kuhlman
  •     Dr. Phil and Monica Gray
  •     Ed and Jane Weldon
  •     Engineered Floors, LLC
  •     Family Resource Center
  •     Family Savings
  •     FieldTurf
  •     First Bank of Calhoun
  •     Fitness First of Calhoun
  •     Food City
  •     Fox Systems
  •     Francis Burton Cochran
  •     GAP, Inc.
  •     Gary and Lucia Eastham
  •     George Chambers Resource Center
  •     Ginger King - King Family Foundation
  •     Gordon County 4-H
  •     Gordon County Civic Club
  •     Gordon County Government
  •     Gordon County Schools
  •     Greater Community Bank
  •     Haley and Pam Stephens
  •     H&P Stephens Properties
  •     Harry Young
  •     Jeremy and Bekah Kirby
  •     Jim and Diane Rosencrance
  •     Jim and Joan Clark
  •     Joan B. Smith
  •     Jody Darby
  •     Joe and Nelda Ragsdale
  •     Kimm and Beverly Primmer
  •     Kroger
  •     Kyle and Vivian Smith
  •     M&S Logistics
  •     Mannington Mills
  •     Mathew and Parlo
  •     Michael's Carpet
  •     Mohawk Industries
  •     North Georgia National Bank
  •     O'Reilly Auto Parts
  •     Patricia Stephens
  •     Phyllis Purdy
  •     Rebecca Brown and Associates
  •     Ronnie and Margie King
  •     Shaw Industries Group, Inc.
  •     Shawn Brown
  •     Starr Mathews Insurance Agency
  •     Steve and Diane Robbins
  •     SunTrust
  •     Synovus Bank
  •     The Dixie Group
  •     UPS
  •     Voluntary Action Center
  •     Walmart
  •     Wells Fargo
  •     Wilma (Billie) Jean Erwin

I would like to thank our Board of Directors and staff: Chris Tarpley, Chris Pierce, David Repp, Michelle Frix Ward, Jason Awtrey, Kyle Smith III, Renee Brown, Matthew Blackstock, Tracy Farriba, Sam Curtis, Jim Lay, Crystal Purser, Shane Watson, Ian Campbell, Mitch Ralston, Amy Parker, Michele Taylor, Christi Bennett, Crystal Boone, Jody Darby, Ray Denmon, Blake Holland, Will Theus, Michael Wilson, and Bekah Kirby

To give to United Way and to learn more visit us online at

 Jennifer Latour is the Executive Director of United Way of Gordon County. This article was featured in Calhoun Times on March 7, 2020.