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History of Calhoun's Dancing with the Stars

Calhoun's Dancing with the Stars

Over the past eight years (2012-2019), our dancers have worked diligently to help raise over $870,000 for United Way of Gordon County & the GEM Theatre. 2017 was our first teen show: Mohawk Presents Calhoun’s Dancing with the Stars GETS SCHOOLED. Starting in 2018, several aspects of the show changed. The 7th annual DWTS event was held at the Calhoun Performing Arts Center with all the proceeds benefitting United Way of Gordon County. The next show is scheduled for May 23, 2020. 


  • Judge's Choice: Haylea Graham and Aavyn Lee
  • People's Choice: Megan Wright and Logan Parker
  • Spirit Award: Ayush Gupta and Kathrynn Stockman


  • Judge's Choice: Sarah Green & Ryan Morrell
  • People's Choice: Sarah Green & Ryan Morrell
  • Spirit Award: Ivie Parker & Porter Law


  • Judge’s Choice: Elizabeth Dutch & Ryan Morrell
  • People’s Choice: Julia Palazzolo & Joseph Taylor
  • Spirit Award: Sarah Green & Garrison Baumgardner


  • Judge’s Choice: Hanna Dean & Andy Baxter
  • People’s Choice: Hanna Dean & Andy Baxter


  • Judge’s Choice: Ruth & Robert Mathews
  • People’s Choice: Renee Theus & Donnie Nesbitt


  • Judge’s Choice: Valerie Allen & Tucker Allen
  • People’s Choice: Renee Brown & Kevin Smith


  • Judge’s Choice: Lynn Whittenburg & Trey Pierson
  • People’s Choice: Meagan Walraven & Ted Pennel


  • Judge’s Choice: Elsa Martinez & Barton Mathews
  • People’s Choice: Michele Taylor & Jim Lay