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Your contribution to United Way of Gordon County supports 18 agencies that work with children, families, senior citizens, animals, and the disabled population as well as support agencies providing emergency assistance.

What your dollars can do!

60,391 people received help or services from one or more of our 18 agencies.

Nearly 150 dogs were rescued and placed in loving homes which provides mental well-being to the families.

330 children who were sexually or physically abused told their stories to trained investigators in a child-friendly environment, with their interviews recorded to spare them multiple questionings.

399 Boy Scouts and 159 Girl Scouts were served in Gordon County.

355 children received partial or full scholarships allowing them to participate in various sports at the Gordon County Recreation Department.

273 individuals were helped through The Bridge Program's Homeless Initiative.

1,465 individuals received disaster, health, and safety classes, Armed Forces assistance, or gave blood for the Red Cross.

797 individuals used shower and laundry facilities at the VAC

25,034 individuals were served a hot meal from the VAC's Community Kitchen and 9,987 received food bags from the VAC

2,237 children and senior citizens received assistance at Christmas from the VAC

397 children between the ages of 6-18 were served by the Boys & Girls Club of Gordon County

507 new referrals were made to the Gordon County Domestic Violence Outreach Office last year

1,074 parents of babies born at AdventHealth received a visit from First Steps, a child abuse prevention program offered by Family Resource Center, if necessary the families may continue into the Healthy Families Program until the child is 4 years of age.