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2019 Campaign Goal Exceeded

United Way of Gordon County Exceeds the 2019 Campaign Goal

United Way of Gordon County (UWGC) has once again completed a record-breaking fundraising campaign for 2019. The funds raised go to support the 18 United Way agencies working in this community to assist families, children, the disabled, seniors, and animals.  This year’s goal of $750,000 was exceeded with a pledged amount of $846,704.75. Not all the funds pledged will be collected. Over 75% of those pledging a gift to UWGC are doing so using payroll deduction from the paycheck to honor their gifts. Donors can more easily budget a small amount over the year that results in a generous gift. During the year donors may move, change jobs, or have other reasons to discontinue their contributions. For many years UWGC has kept the loss rate to 10% or less which is considered very good in the non-profit world. Another strong characteristic of the Gordon County donors is the percentage rate at which they participate. Gordon County donors have led Northwest Georgia in participation from their employees. Shaw and Engineered Floors have consistently performed at above 70% of their employees donating to UWGC, while Mohawk in the last five years has led the Gordon County campaign as the largest donor. Also, small businesses like Starr Mathews Insurance Agency, M & S Logistics, First Bank, and NorthSide Bank continue to hold 100% participation campaigns each year.

“This community is amazing,” explained Executive Director Vickie Spence. “Year after year the amount of pledged dollars, as well as, collected dollars has grown. Because of the generosity from the many donors, the amount given to the agencies each has grown also. UWGC is here to support the needs of the community by providing funds to those agencies who offer the direct assistance to those seeking help.”

Below is the list of those very generous donors who year after year step up and provide support for this community. The UWGC Board of Directors wishes to thank all who were able to contribute this year. Gordon County is a special place to live, work and raise a family because of the true sense of community and concern that is shared by so many.

Thank you, 2019 Donors!

Mathew and Parlo Carpet
AT&T Corporate Gift
Field Turf Employees Contribution
Kyle and Vivian Smith
First Bank of Calhoun Employees” Gifts
Debra Owens
Jeanette Mellinger
Gordon County Civic Club
Michael and Linda Barber
Shaw Employees’ Contributions
Shaw Corporate Gift
Gary and Lucia Eastham
Jerry and Mary Sterling
Kimm and Beverley Primmer
Kroger Employees Gifts
Ashley Goble
Charles and Vickie Spence
Rebecca Brown and Associates Real Estate, LLC
James Billy Green
Angela B. Green
Thomas and Gail Pierce
Patricia Stephens
Tera Lusk
Phyllis Purdy
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Harbin
Shaheen Carpet Mills
Starr Mathews Insurance Agency Employees’ Gifts 100%
Jerry and Teri Carroll
Jerry and Sally Poole
Russ and Lisa Edwards
Ed and Jane Weldon
Joe and Nelda Ragsdale
Engineered Floors Employees’ Gifts
Haley and Pam Stephens
Gordon County Realty
Fitness First of Calhoun
Betty Beamer
H&P Stephens Properties
Steve and Diane Robbins
Bert and Anne Vaughn
Harry Young
The Bobbye Harris Foundation, Inc.
Joan Sutherland
Mohawk Industries Employees’ Gifts
Mohawk Industries Foundation Corporate Gift
Bob and Carol Nance
Mike, Nash, and Robert Nance
Presley and Dean Hamilton
Carrie, Dan and girls, Tanna, Cara, and Grace Key
Erin and Al Hill III, Al IV, Nance, and Caroline
Dennis and Sharon Alexander
UPS Employee Gifts
Ronnie and Margie King
Mannington Corporate Gift
Carol Inman
Dr. and Mrs. Phil Gray
Oothcalooga-RPTC-GK, LLC
AYCO Charitable Foundation The Ganley Family Fund
Synovus Employee Gifts
Dr. and Mrs. Bradley Goff
Synovus Corporate Gift
The Dixie Group Foundation, Inc.
Patsy Craig
David McLeod
Steve and Lynn Meade
Dr and Mrs. Will Theus
Gordon County Government Employees’ Gift
Shawn and Kim Brown
Rebecca Brown and Associates Real Estate
Gordon County Schools Employees’ Gift
Voluntary Action Center Employees’ Gift
Prevent Child Abuse Gordon County Employees’ Gift
Dr. and Mrs. Craig Box
Michael’s Carpet
Mannington Employees’ Gift
George Chambers Resource Center Employees’ Gift
Engineered Floors Corporate Gift
M & S Logistics Employees’ Gift
Apache Mills Employees’ Gift
George Chambers Resource Center
Drs. Thomas and Susan Dyar
Dr. and Mrs. Norman Garner
City of Calhoun Employees’ Gift
Bentley Dye Services Employees’ Gift
Bentley Dye Corporate Services Gift
City of Calhoun Employees’ Gift
Fox Systems Employees’ Gift
Gordon County 4-H Members’ Gift
Gordon County Recreation Department Youth Basketball Tournament
Calhoun City Recreation Department Youth Basketball Tournament

Unity Run Participants & Sponsors

Billie Jean Erwin
AT&T Employees’ Gift
AdventHealth Gordon Employees’ Gift
Greater Community Bank Employees’ Gift
BB&T Employees’ Gift
Wells Fargo Employees’ Gift
Walmart Employees’ Gift